Loyalty and Rewards platform


Medical Detailing and Call Card Solution


Merchandising and Inventory platform


Tenancy Management System

Portable Warehouse Management

Portable Warehouse Management System

TransPod+ Tablet-based Kiosks

TransPod+ tablet-based kiosks

M-Rewards+ Loyalty & Rewards Management Platform (white-labeled, cloud-based loyalty and rewards platform)

M-Rewards+ is a cloud-based loyalty management and mobile marketing platform specifically designed for the retail and loyalty management industry.

With the M-Rewards+, companies will be able to engage their market directly on a one-to-one basis through the web and through their customers' mobile devices. This will enhance retention of existing customers and attract new customers by offering personalized and higher level of membership privileges, reward loyalty coupons, and create engaging deals and discounts.

The M-Rewards+ platform provides companies with valuable real-time reports and statistics to help them organize and design marketing plans and strategies. Popular social media networking services and frameworks are utilized to track service and product usage, deliver digital coupons, advertise deals, and store indispensable customer purchasing trends to aid companies in realizing effective and measurable sales and marketing plans.

M-Rewards+ supports web and most mobile device platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows powered devices.

M-Diser+ Merchandising & Inventory Platform (for Retail)

M-Diser+ is comprehensive solution for efficient and profitable retail merchandising operations. It empowers the network of merchandisers to collect validated inventory and related data and upload these to a central host database, in real-time. It provides area supervisors and merchandising managers with real-time information on product offtake, inventory, price movement and expiration that helps managers react immediately.

M-Diser+ provides the following:

Portable Warehouse Management System (for ruggedized handheld computers)

MMI's Portable Warehouse Management (PWM) solution helps retail, distribution and manufacturing industries optimize their warehouse operations. PWM can automate warehouse management operations, from receiving to shipment, and from the point of data collection to the back-end systems (such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Merchandise Management System).

MMI's experience in field operation automation solutions, combined with workflow automation using SOA-based architectures, and enterprise integration allows MMI to offer a tailor-fitted solution to match the client's warehouse automation requirements and future growth plans.

MMI's PWM solution helps maximize the client's investment by extending the automation from back-end systems to the warehouse (point of data capture). Some of PWM core features are the following:

Tenancy Management System (luxury and serviced apartments administration)

The TMS was designed to equip the building administrator of serviced apartment buildings and luxury condominiums with the tools to manage utility billing, facilities information and it provides another channel for the administrator to closely interact with tenants.
Tenancy Management System provides the following features:

MedRep+ Medical Detailing and Call Card Solution

MedRep+ brings into the hands of medical detailmen the power of an electronic call card system, a sales kit, and the convenience of tablet devices. A medical detailman's schedule, route, interactive sales kit, reporting and messaging facilities are all contained in a single application. A cloud-based host component enables the administration, monitoring, reporting and management of operations.

TransPod+ Tablet-based Kiosks

TransPod+ v2.0

TransPod+ is a tablet-based custom kiosk solution that designed for the financial, retail and advertising industries. TransPod+ is a cost-effective solution for the wide deployment of transactional or information kiosks.

Key to TransPod+ success is the use of tablet devices instead of expensive embedded PCs. MMI leverages its expertise and capability in low-level software programming and electronics to interface these tablet devices with peripheral devices like printers, barcode readers and other I/O devices.


Mobility Solutions

Mobile Apps Development, Mobile Solutions

Software Architecture and
Integration Consulting

Service Oriented Architecture Enablement,
Data Integration, Application Integration,
Portal Development

Software Development

Enterprise Custom Software Development

Mobility Solutions

Bringing mobility solutions to the enterprise...

MMI provides clients with end-to-end services for mobility solutions including mobile apps development across all major platforms such as iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

In a competitive business landscape, everyone is striving to make an impact on their markets and reinvent themselves to provide more value. In many ways, this is done with the help of mobile-enabled solutions that extend the reach of businesses to its customers.

Leveraging on our many man-years of integration consulting and developing enterprise web-based solutions, we build mobile solutions that are user-friendly, bandwidth efficient, and scalable for wide deployment.

Software Architecture & Integration Consulting

With our industry knowledge and expertise in enterprise systems, software architecture, systems and data integration, we help you maximize the use of your business and operational support systems. More than the actual implementation of these requirements, we offer valuable insights and assistance in mapping out an IT landscape that will help you lower total costs, minimize change management requirements, and reduce overall risks.

SOA Enablement

With disparate systems and applications, enabling your infrastructure to a service-based environment will allow simplified integration. Services and information from one system are transformed and delivered to other systems for functional and business usage, thereby making the most out of your IT investments.

Data Integration and Quality

Delivery of relevant, accurate data in a timely manner is as crucial as it has never been. Key business decisions are driven by insightful data that can come from various, heterogenous data sources. With an end-to-end ETL and data quality solution, you can easily set up data warehouses for business intelligence, reporting, and archiving needs, or to simply have a single version of truth of your data.

Portal and Content Management

Work in a highly-collaborative and social, user experience for your internal and external customers. A portal and content management solution can easily bring your people and your processes to a unified platform for seamless distribution of information across the various units in your organization. Publish content of any kind, from documents to multimedia to a selected group's or everyone's consumption.

Enterprise Custom Software Development

MMI provides end-to-end services for developing turnkey, enterprise-grade software solutions based on open source Java and PHP platforms.

Following an established project management and iterative software development methodology, MMI help its clients formalize their requirements, conceptualize the solution to address these requirements, define the business processes to realize the solution, build the software, and deploy the system in its final production environment.

MMI leverages its consultants' extensive experience in business systems analysis, software architecture and development to provide its clients with the best solutions that address their business requirements. MMI's consultants facilitate the analysis of the client's business processes and identify areas where automation can improve the business.

On the technology side, MMI helps its clients select the best of breed open-source and proprietary technologies that meet the their functional, performance and budgetary requirements while ensuring an upgrade path to accommodate future needs and a future-proof technology platform.


“MMI continues to help its clients create value and grow their businesses...”

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"At MMI we strive to make every client engagement a pleasant experience, and every project a reference-able project."


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About MobileMINDS Inc.

Established in Makati City, Philippines in July 2011, MMI provides its clients with mobility solutions, software architecture and integration consulting and enterprise custom software development services.

Leveraging on its consultants' man-years of enterprise web-based applications development and software architecture consulting experience, MMI provides its clients with end-to-end solutions for mission-critical systems in the finance, retail, manufacturing and telecommunications industries.

MMI is a partner of Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services, a member of the Apple Developer Program, the Microsoft BizSpark Program, an Alliance Select member of the BlackBerry Alliance Program, and the Nokia Developer Partner Program. MMI is a proud member of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP).

MobileMINDS Inc. - “Because execution matters.”

We have a proven track record of completing projects on time, within budget, and according to established specifications. This is evidenced by repeat business from our customers and business partners.

Structured iterative software development methodology and development standards result in quick wins, risk mitigation, and painless execution for our customers.

In each and every customer engagement, we treat project execution with professionalism and the utmost attention to detail. When implementing innovative and business-critical solutions, delivering on time and within budget are not the only key success indicators. Effective execution is a key aspect that spells the difference between a successful project and a failed one.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision : To become a global mobility and technology solutions company.

Mission: To build cool exciting products, contribute to making lives a little bit better, to have fun and to make money in the process.

Core Values:

Customer First

We are our client's partner; we make sure we provide the best value for our client.


We believe there is always a better way of doing things.

Can-do attitude

No matter what the obstacles are, we do whatever it takes to get the job done on time.


Everyone pulls in the same direction to achieve our goals.


We conduct all of our business dealings in a manner that is fair, legal, moral and above board.

Passion for Excellence

We strive to be the best because we love what we do.

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Contact Details:

Corporate Headquarters:
17F Lepanto Bldg., 8747 Paseo de Roxas
Makati City 1226, Philippines
Tel: +632.893.1111

Development Center:
Unit 7, UP-Ayala Technopark (South), TBI Bldg.1
C.P. Garcia corner Katipunan Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Philippines
Tel: +632.967.7805

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